It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.- Audre Lorde, Poet

Welcome to Mélange

The world in which we live is not a homogeneous one – even though there are some people that see it that way and would like it to stay that way.  But as the song says “you can’t always get what you want”.

Welcome to the beta launch of Mélange. The first visually diverse lifestyle digital platform that celebrates and reflects the cultural beauty, diversity, voices, stories, experiences and influences of women of color.

Mélange is a french word that means a mix of different elements. As women of color, we come in many shades, shapes, sizes and orientations; we speak many different languages; we practice different faiths and we are global citizens and live all over the world.  Our stories, voices, experiences  and perspectives are the original blueprints that laid the foundation then and continues to play an integral role in shaping pop culture, entertainment, fashion, politics, world events, etc.

We are multi-dimensional, loud & proud of our cultural ethnicity & heritage and we’ve figured out how to incorporate it all into our everyday lives, unapologetically, while embracing the global influences of others.

Mélange’s mission is to “Celebrate our Differences and Share our Similarities” by uniting, empowering and our collective sisterhood.  We don’t just want a seat at the table, we expect our presence to be acknowledged and to be engaged with; we expect an equal exchange of dialogue and not be pacified or silenced for our difference of opinion or views and most importantly- we expect and demand to be seen as whole  beings that are full of life, textures and complexities.

Our intention is to inspire provocative, thoughtful, honest, respectful and witty conversations in a space that is a true and authentic reflection of who we really are.

We are here and we belong. We are disrupting the status quo. We are “beyond woke”- we are “activated”.

So join us! Celebrate and Share with us; explore the many voices and stories that’s kicking us off, take our survey and send us your feedback. The conversation is just getting started and we want you to be a part of it.

Kedma Pognon Brown

Founder & Chief Cultural Officer 

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