What woman doesn’t like beautifully manicured nails? Well now you can have beautiful nails that are good for you and the environment.  “It’s important to us that women know that the condition of our natural nails are a window to our overall health.”

Ginger & Liz Colour Collection is a nail polish line founded by self described cosmetic junkies S.Liz Pickett and H. Ginger Johnson.

This brilliantly colorful line of luxurious nail polishes is organic, vegan-friendly and toxic free so there’s no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. It consists of an array of fun, vibrant, intensely pigmented colors with unique names like:


Got My Groove Back- a cool gold

Tuck Me In- a metallic silver


Boss Lady – a fiery red

Chase Me– an electric blue

Unconditional Love – an opaque pistachio/colonial green



The Good Life – a pastel sky blue

Demi Cup– pale boudoir pink crème

Calm Down Girl- an opaque pastel lavender


One of the collection’s unique features is the 298-strand brush and double ball bearing mixer that makes it easier to apply a smooth application. One stroke covers nearly the whole nail. Unlike the two to three coats most nail polish need, Ginger & Liz’s one coat delivers a flawless, chip-resistant and long lasting finish.

The buzz around the brand has already gained a large following and is loved by celebrity manicurists Kimmie Kyees, Tracylee Percival and Madeline Poole as well as celebs and style-makers, like Rita Oro, Mary J Blige, Rhianna, Queen Latifah, June Ambrose and the Kardashian sisters. They’ve also been featured in Essence, Harpers Bazaar, Jones Magazine, People and Teen Vogue.

The friends and nail connoisseurs met in 2006 when Pickett was modeling Johnson’s lip gloss and eye shadow line. The line didn’t survive but their friendship did. Ginger used her mother’s nail polishes on her Barbie dolls, while Liz had been a fixture at nail salons since the age of six. They both shared their adverse reactions to toxic ingredients when they were teenagers due to Ginger’s eczema and Liz’s sensitive skin. When Liz saw Ginger’s extensive nail polish, they had an AHA moment and the Ginger & Liz Colour collection was born in 2010. They kept their day jobs and used their own investments to start and launch the line with 10 colors. The vision was to create a luxurious line of nail color that was more affordable than the traditional department store brands yet more high end than the average salon.


Ginger and Liz conceptualize and name all the polishes-the names come first and then the names, which has a personal connection to the their lives. “The attention craving shade are reminiscent of the color of classic American car finishes of the 50s”says Ginger. They also personally road test every polish they develop for a minimum of 2 manicures. With the success of the line, they are just getting started, “ We plan to expand the color collection by continuing to add more fashion conscious polishes. We also want to grow into other color cosmetics” says Liz, as the brand has expanded into nail and lip care.

You can purchase the collection at www.gingerandliz.com.

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