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Maria Hinojosa: From Invisible to Visible


Award winning journalist, Maria Hinojosa gave a powerful talk at the inaugural TEDX Pennsylvania Ave event in Washington D.C. last month. The title of her talk was called “From Invisible to Visible”

Maria was born in Mexico City and moved to the Chicago in the 60s during at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. “We were very typical Mexicanos en la casa and outside we were Americans. We were big consumers of news. I remember watching the protests during the [1968] Democratic National Convention. I remember the grape boycott. I remember Vietnam. But there was no one talking about what our experience was. I felt invisible”, say Hinojosa. That feeling of invisibility led her to where she is today. She gets to tell the stories that matter and “point her microphone at voices unheard and narratives untold.”

She is the anchor and executive producer of Latino USA on National Public Radio, a public radio show devoted to Latino issues. She is also the founder, president and CEO of Futuro Media Group, which produces the show.